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        瑞典Damalini AB 介紹-激光對中儀生產商!!

        日期:2022-06-10 21:29

        瑞典Damalini AB 介紹-激光對中儀生產商!  瑞典Damalini AB 介紹-激光對中儀生產商!
        瑞典Damalini AB


        Easy-Laser? is developed and manufactured by Damalini ABinSweden.Together with our distributors, we supply users in morethan70countries with solutions for measurement andalignmentproblemsunder the trademark Easy-Laser?. We take care ofthe entirechaininternally, from idea to the end product.

        Our development department consists of designers whospecialiseinmechanics, electronics, optics and programming. Theyare aclose-knitteam who understand each other’s needs and wishes.Thisresults inbetter customisation of mechanics and software, aswellas shorterdevelopment times. This is supported by alsohavingaccess to our ownwell-equipped workshop with CNC-machines,wherethe slightest changecan be evaluated.

        Extensive experience – more than 25 years
        We listen to the industry’s measurement problems in order tofindthebest possible solution for each individual case. Whetheryouneed astandard system or a special solution, we do everythingwecan tomake you feel confident in your choice ofmeasurementsystem. Wecontinuously strive to develop betterproducts and highlevels ofservice, despite all the high praise wehave alreadyreceived fromhappy customers. With over twenty fiveyearsexperience, we havesolved measurement and alignment problemsforcompanies all over theworld and in all industries.

        Our keywords
        User-friendliness, value for money and reliable support, nowandinthe future. These are factors that we know are appreciatedbyallEasy-Laser? users. If you are about to invest inalasermeasurement system we hope that these are factorsthatmeansomething to you. We make it easy to chooseEasy-Laser?!

        Our production is certified
        Our production is controlled and certified by Nemko AS.Thisalsoguarantees top product quality. At the end of the day itisyourproduct quality and reliability that sets therequirements.Inother words, only the highest quality is goodenough. We are,ofcourse, ISO9001 approved, and have also beenawarded the tripleAdistinction for credit worthiness according totheSoliditetscredit rating system for many years. This gives us,aswell as you,extra assurance

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